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Welcome to the Somrydian Alps.

:bulletgreen:Bodjas are an OPEN SPECIES
:bulletgreen:Anyone can become a member and anyone can make a bodja of their own!

A lot is currently being reworked. I'm adding a few anatomy changes, A BETTER TRAIT LIST and also a better lore will be added soon.

Welcome to the Somryd Alps!
This group is simply a collective space for my species the Bodjas and the lore around them.

The world of Bodjas is very medieval with a touch of electronic devices and a lot of magic happening.
Bodjas themselves are a mixture or a few different animals but mostly Bears and Bats, they are most comfortable around snowy mountains and cliff sides directly at the sea.
The species is an open species as stated above, anyone can join and anyone can make a common to uncommon bodja as they’d like! I have no huge restrictions here, other than to not use any rare or off-canon traits without my knowledge!
As I am not able to do much with my species yet, you do not have to do a lot to be in this group! (I do not have events or other things planned as I am not able to organize them well…)

About the lore of the current situation:
Bodjas were once largely traded and sold in Somryd, until some of them fought to be free. A few of them were able to leave and after that they founded a small town next to Somryd so the two cities were separated with a line of corrupt land and a huge cliff. They kept close to the modern cityscape so that others like them had a place to flee to when they felt like they had to.
In the current day Fiona is the current mayor and one of the few left from the old days. Scarred from the fights but strong enough to protect her town she takes in more and more Bodjas and even other species, that needed a place to flee to.
The cities are now seperated with a huge wall in between and are kept under watch.

I have no intentions to turn this into something bigger. I am a slow and very fast to overwhelm person. I made this group to share my species in which everyone is welcome. But as a single person on my own I cannot fully mod this group plus make events and more. Please understand.
That being said I am still fast to respond if contacted directly.

Snow Forest Ground Divider F2U by YukiDecors

Gallery Folders

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SA-NPC: Sophie 'Sunny' Limon reference by Maro-King
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Reference sheets
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General Artwork
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Soft boi DTA ~ by Crimson-Wolf2323


Hello hello everybody!!

I may have some bigger news, since i have been a bit quiet for a while, working on new concepts and everything for this group tbh (and of course school stuff).
I have thought a lot about the lore and the species itself and I have decided to change a few things BUT The old bodjas as they were are still available!!

About the species:
I have decided there will a difference between canon and non-canon bodjas! (their difference being their human form)
Lore still applies to both! (canon and non-canon)
Anatomy has changed to be a loooot more bear and bat like (More here-> [SA] Species Dump)
Old bodjas adopt can still stay the way they are
I am also working on a trait list!
in the new adopt you'll be able to see a few more traits and uh, better anatomy I guess |'D
Have some new species stuff: !!!!

Lore has changed a LOT....
The normal city with electricity, where a bodja could do what we can do in our day is still available (TV, Pc, phones, light, etc...)
I have changed the map from a full continent to the Somryd district itself. (So there is no huge confusion I hope, picture below)


Has more potential to be able to develop your oc. (imo//cries)
also magic has become interpretable, you can use magic however you want, or you can read up upon that stuff over here

Lore story:
Has been added!!
I will have to add a few more NPCs and change a few looks(2k17) and roles of others, but I am already planning on what to do with whom...
It also has more angst.
It's optional to everyone.
Doesn't have to be canon.
I can give a teaser to the story but don't expect to much thank

So for now... before I overshare on lore and everything I'm gonna take a step back and develop a bit more. You can of course ask me anything about the species in the FAQ, so for now! I will thank you for your patience with me... I am still wanting to work on this group and species and I hope I can make something that other people can work with ; w ;!!

Other news
I am working on special off-base bodja adopts who each will get human and feral form + a few sketches.
I want to rework some old designs and maybe flat sale two custom designs with the batch! (for the MYO slots as well!!!)
So be prepared for that!!! I am very proud of those designs!!! hehe <3

Here is a small preview of said adopts ; w ;
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We need a discord.
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I would def provide!
But first I manna see if there are more then 3 or 4 people who would join the server! <3

also if you want we can already exchange discord? e w e
J-E-N-0-V-A Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2017
I know I'd join the server! :thumbsup:
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J-E-N-0-V-A Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
YES I'M SO HAPPY. I can't wait for this group to get alive! 
I suggest making a promotional event like some Uncommon / Rare MYO slots to give away just to get the species noticed. Also submit the species' sheet to groups and such!
Just a suggestion, once the group gets more members I suggest keeping a Masterlist of the characters and designs. It'll help keeping the population in control and also can be used as a tracker for earnings, the character's job and such!
Maro-King Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Student Digital Artist
mARTS have u not noticed I did most of these things already! <3 BUT thanks for telling me! <3 <3 (I am prepared this time >'DDD)

as for the event, I prolly do that sometime soon, even tho bodjas rare traits aren't anything special <'D
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