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Work In Progress!

Welcome to the Somryd Alps!

Bodja Info starter pack!

:bulletgreen:Bodjas are an OPEN SPECIES
:bulletgreen:Anyone can become a member and anyone can make a bodja of their own!

List of things I have planned for this group!

Gallery Folders

Bodja Resources by Maro-King
Bodja 2k16 Dragon Species (OPEN) by Maro-King
Bodja: Rarity Chart by Maro-King
SA: Charactrer Reference Template by Maro-King
SA-NPC: Sophie 'Sunny' Limon reference by Maro-King
SA-NPC: Mrs. Goodwill Reference by Maro-King
Reference sheets
SA: Antonio Doxx by Maro-King
SA: Hariot Brun by Maro-King
SA: Wenyam Fechlachev by Maro-King
Bodja: Amelie Lux [REF] by Mudzi
MYOs Temporary references
Taken Bodjas Batch by Maro-King
General Artwork
grabby poses by Maro-King
I'll move when i'm ready by Sammy-Fynne
Ms Goodwill by Maro-King
Raffle Winner 3rd place by Maro-King
OTA and DTA Bodjas [OPEN] by Maro-King









Bodja + Gorasian MYO Event by Maro-King


Hello and welcome to the very first official MYO event!

Normally people are able to make their own anytime BUT THIS TIME!!!! Every trait is possible, I'll allow every and ANYTHING!
To make this a little bit easier to get the group started!
Another special : The gorasian species!

For questions go here FAQI will be gathering any questions you may have over here!
you can ask about:
The Bodja species, The Lore/World, MYO's, and other maybe event related questions.

You can read all questions down below!
:below:   :below:   :below:   :below:   :below:
 FAQ and see if your question is already there or not!


What's so special about this event? Here is a list about every trait you can choose:
  • short tail (cut of preferably) + ridiculous long tail
  • any tail + ears + mane shapes
  • Floppy Ears!
  • Nearly no horns to absolute ridiculous huge horns!
  • differently colored horns (stripes or gardients)
  • monochrome / binary colour schemes
  • dotted paws + differently colored claws
  • any eye colour + special reflection forms (flowers + hearts + etc)
  • FANBASED chars are also welcome in this event!
  • Rare nyne types such as darkness are also available!
  • Bodja: Rarity Chart
  • Bodja 2k16 Dragon Species (OPEN)
  • Yes you can make a char of both, Bodja AND Gorasian, if you want to!

Gorasian description

Gorasians are essentially species soul mates to Bodjas. They can be owners or buddies.
Since Gorasians found them and first started to tame and domesticate them they have a natural strong bond with each other.
A Bodja + Gorasian friendship will hold forever.
(Gorasians are also SUPER welcome in the Somryd-Alps!!)

I don't have a full species reference + text yet but you'll find what you need in the link below!
World-Of-Magistra - Gorasians


  1. Share this journal/MYO event through journal or poll
  2. REPLY to the comment down below with a link to your journal / poll
  3. I'll then list you on the slot list.

Easy way to enter is to take this Bodjas MYO event base and draw your MYO on there (If you want to!)
I'll open a free download ONLY FOR THIS EVENT!!!
I'll also accept freely drawn bodja designs w/o using the base!

Send me your MYO PER NOTE and I'll write you down as official owner!


:iconj-e-n-0-v-a: :iconguineapiqgal: :iconjackytheskrub: :icondragon-burn: :icontisefe:
:iconjustgreythen: :iconscribblebugg: :iconpumpkibutt: :icondreamindragon: :icon2lazy4username:
:iconst0neddg0at: :icongrapera: :iconloves-to-derp: :iconpastel-fire: :icond00dlep0p:
:icondyingwillbullet69: :icontheneonfox0804:

OPEN [No slot limit]

Deadline to join is May 14th

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grapera Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
We need a discord.
Maro-King Featured By Owner 23 hours ago
I would def provide!
But first I manna see if there are more then 3 or 4 people who would join the server! <3

also if you want we can already exchange discord? e w e
J-E-N-0-V-A Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
I know I'd join the server! :thumbsup:
Maro-King Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
ooooh sounds good Q w Q
grapera Featured By Owner 22 hours ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
ooh yeah, my discord is @/grapera#8056 i think uvu
Maro-King Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
Yep with capital G! you'll know it's me when u see the invite ;3c
J-E-N-0-V-A Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
Maro-King Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
J-E-N-0-V-A Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
YES I'M SO HAPPY. I can't wait for this group to get alive! 
I suggest making a promotional event like some Uncommon / Rare MYO slots to give away just to get the species noticed. Also submit the species' sheet to groups and such!
Just a suggestion, once the group gets more members I suggest keeping a Masterlist of the characters and designs. It'll help keeping the population in control and also can be used as a tracker for earnings, the character's job and such!
Maro-King Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017
mARTS have u not noticed I did most of these things already! <3 BUT thanks for telling me! <3 <3 (I am prepared this time >'DDD)

as for the event, I prolly do that sometime soon, even tho bodjas rare traits aren't anything special <'D
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